Topshore is formed in 2019 by MeeMaken B.V. and an employment agency group. They have joined forces to make a substantial difference in the world of recruitment and outplacement in several technical industries. We believe the experience and synergy between these companies is the foundation of our success. We distinguish ourselves in the following ways:


Flexible, personal and transparent

Topshore is a young company with a small team. Because of this we are able to act fast on market changes and your demand. We are happy to help you with specific questions when it comes to recruitment. With a team that altogether has over 25 years’ experience in recruitment we know how important it is to act fast and to keep a promise. After sharing you vacancy with us you will receive a first overview of suitable candidates within two days. In this overview you will find relevant information such as place of residence, years of experience, education and current employer etc. This overview is including resumes and will be updated and shared again every week. We approach people with a company name and information to be open and transparent. If this is undesirable we will, of course, not do this.


Competing on fee and rate

Because we are a small team with little overhead we are able to compete on recruitment fees and secondment rates compared to our competitors. Of course we work on a no cure no pay basis.


Big network of educated and professional technicians

From day one we have invested in a network of professionals from Universities and Associations in both Spain and the Netherlands. This has resulted in several partnerships with for example the use of job portals.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you would like to discuss something in the area of recruitment marketing, vacancy content or other specific recruitment questions.