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Topshore is formed by MeeMaken B.V. and Westerduin Groep. They have joined forces to make a substantial difference in the world of recruitment and outplacement in several technical industries. We believe the experience and synergy between these companies is the foundation of our success. Our aim is to provide employees with a job that will make them thrive. Topshore looks at every individual. Who are you, and what qualities and ambitions do you have? There’s more: we provide full support with relocation, administration etc. and help people with building a professional network.

Westerduin Groep

Westerduin is the expert in setting up an intermediary agency with a solid foundation. Westerduin Groep consists of 70 employees who mediate on behalf of technical, educational and medical staff. Visit there website for more information.

MeeMaken BV

MeeMaken is an independent and hands-on investor with a long-term horizon. MeeMaken invests in medium-sized companies and start-ups in the manufacturing industry and technical & business services. MeeMaken facilitates growth and perspective for companies and employees. Visit their website for more information.

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