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We are TopShore

TopShore wants to help highly-skilled engineers with building a future in the Netherlands. We also want to provide Dutch companies with employees who are scarce in the Netherlands.

For jobseekers

TopShore looks at every individual.

Who are you, and what qualities and ambitions do you have?

There’s more: we provide full support with relocation, public administration etc. and help people with building a network in the Netherlands.

For employers

Thanks to TopShore, companies’ recruitment pools are expanding and becoming more international. We enable interaction between different companies and cultures while helping international employees in finding suitable employment.


We operate for, amongst others, electrical, mechanical, process and software engineers. In industries such as offshore, maritime, electronics and manufacturing.


About TopShore

TopShore has a clear goal. We want to find suitable employment for highly skilled engineers from different countries. You will be working in the Netherlands, building your career. Let us build it with you!

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